eChook Nano v1.2: New Boards, and, Building your board!

We have a new batch of PCBs, issue fixed. The Greenpower teams who ordered the last one have already had the new boards, and we can now send out new kits. To help with the build processĀ I have just posted a video showing how to put together your eChook Nano v1.2 board.

Since the first prototype we’ve answered lots of questions through email and messages, and always wanted these to be more public so they could help others with the same or similar questions – something like a forum! Since the GP forum is unfortunately closing, it seems even more relevant to have somewhere to discuss all thing eChook and help each other out with anything from building the boards to analysing that spreadsheet full of data. So for further discussions, we’ve set upĀ It’s a little empty right now but I’m sure we can start filling it up.

We will also be writing articles for Greenpowers new ‘How To’ section, both eChook specific, and more general ways of using an arduino with your car, so hopefully the eChook forum won’t detract anything from the greenpower site.



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