eChook Nano Kits are finally here!

We’ve finally got our (hopefully) final prototype boards together! The eChook Nano v1.1


These boards have a different layout, different DC-DC Voltage regulator with short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, a lower component count and design changes to make them easier to solder. We have also differentiated the power connector to all the rest so that it is far harder to accidentally fry the Arduino! The functionality remains the same as the original prototype boards.

Thank you very much to the teams who gave us feedback on the initial boards 🙂

We are also re-organising and re-writing a lot of the documentation to make it easier to follow. The build instructions for the eChook board are complete, I’m currently writing up the section on connecting the board to the car and instrumenting the car.

We are providing these eChook boards in kit form, for students to build and program. All instructions are provided in the documentation. We’re still selling them for £25 posted for the kit shown below. You will need to purchase the LEM HAIS 50-p current sensor(~£18) separately. This is cost price – we’re not aiming to make a profit.

*Kit Photo missing a diode and length or ribbon cable that are also included.

Alternatively if you are lucky enough to have PCB making facilities, all the files are hosted at and you can make your own 🙂

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