Project View

Projects that I have been involved with are shown here:

Big Stuff:

  • Six Degrees of Procrastination, a team of friends I assembled during University to drive 2 ambulances from London to Mongolia in Summer 2012. A lot of my final year time at University was poured in to organising this, worth it as it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  • 1988 Mini City E (classic mini) conversion to Nissan Micra cg13de engine. My most ambitious car project to date. Taking the powertrain from a K11 Nissan Micra and fitting it in to the engine bay from a mini. With fairly little automotive fabrication experience this was one hell of a learning curve. Project completed in summer 2010. Documented on ‘the mini forum’ here, and a wiring guide I wrote for others to follow here.
  • Driven, since starting my graduate scheme for Jaguar Land Rover I have joined the ‘Driven’ engineering project. A team of graduates who design and build a new car every year for an electric vehicle race hosted by Greenpower. I am taking on the role as electronic systems designer for the 14my (2014 model year) car and have begun work on a telemetry and control system to try and get the most energy out of the specified batteries. Some work I have done for the project is documented on this blog.
  • Tarka (apologies for the dated website), is a project I was involved with in my 4th year of University. A carbon fibre hull and three Agni 95R motors in parallel power this solar powered electric race boat to approximately 30knots. Each year the University takes Tarka to the USA to race in Solar Splash, an international solar boat championship. In 2012 myself and other students took the boat over and achieved some great results, including a 2nd place in the sprint final, see video of me attempting to skipper the wildly uncontrollable boat. For this project I worked on motor mounting design, telemetry and control systems (including an on board CAN network) and numerous miscellaneous bits to get the boat ready for race, many sleepless nights on this one.
  • eCumbent, my personal hybrid electric vehicle build project.


Smaller Stuff: